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About 100best Free Web Space Providers

It's free and they really mean it! Throw away all your pre-conceived notions about "no free lunch" and take a look at the greatest new bargain on the internet -- FREE WEB SITE HOSTING. Over the past year, millions of everyday people around the world, from grandmas to business owners have launched colorful, professional websites and they've done it without spending a single dime for site design, web hosting, or even paying for a domain name! And most of the sites not only look good but include such high end specialties as free email, keyword searches, chats, hot links, and other dandy perks.

It appears to be the ultimate "win-win." Thousands of free web sites are being launched daily, and many Free-Web-Hosting sites now have millions of users. If you're ready to head down the free-web-site highway, listen up. There are a few speed bumps, and we can help you dodge them as you accelerate to warp speed.

Here's how the whole system works, and why it's free. The internet is all about numbers huge numbers. The more people who are signed up to the net and the more site contacts or "hits" received the more opportunity there is to sell something. "Aha!" you say, "I knew it, they want to sell me something." Well, Duh! Of course they do. But that is not really the fine print, that's the headline.

All you have to do is include ad banners on your web site and the whole deal is free to you. And that's not a bad thing at all. What people are finding is that the banner usually relates to their site content in some way and actually makes them look bigger and more professional. And some hosts like has a clever banner so small, it's hardly there at all. Others are not requiring any ad banners, but somebody has to pay the bills, so look for that to change. It all adds up to a system that people seem to not only be accepting, but embracing.

When I started looking around for a free web site for my business, a close relative who worked for one of these free servers recommended I give theirs a try. I did, and found it was good but not easy enough for a novice like me. So I poked around and found there were literally hundreds of other free web site hosting services to choose from.

At first, I thought the biggest might be the best, so I started there. I figured since they already had over a million people signed up they had to be the coolest. Well, they were good, but after several frustrating attempts to get started I couldn't even get through the process of selecting a user name without running into trouble. Turns out since they had so many users, all the user names I wanted were already taken. So I made up a silly name that was finally accepted only to find out that it became my domain name as well.

Just when I was beginning to feel like this wasn't such a good idea after all, I happened on a few other hosts that were truly a novice's dream. I chose one that led me logically through a series of understandable steps until my own site was successfully up and running. It let me make changes and preview my work. When I was sure the site was ready it put me online. It worked for me.

So why aren't all the Free-Web-Hosting sites like that one? Well, for one thing, each site caters to a different audience. They don't try to be all things to all people.

I found out there are tons of people out there who are already web-savvy and they are not looking for an easy interface, but more web space. They already have a domain name, and a site already built. They just need more space at less cost. Still others are looking to join an on-line community with like interests.

The real trick is to get matched up with the free-web hosting service that most closely fits your needs. That's where "100-BEST-FREE-WEB-SPACE" comes in. After enlisting the help of others we started this site to assist you in finding a host that will guide you to the web site of your dreams.

We're here to narrow the choices based on your needs. And we feel like we are in a pretty good position to know. Our researchers have scoured the net and personally reviewed hundreds of sites. Researchers? Okay, so it's not actually a laboratory, but we have enlisted real live people ranging from absolutely rank beginners, to regular net users, to real web pros to help us. And we get new reviews from our readers every day. We listen to the real-life users, and we really want to know what they think.

We have personally checked every site listed here. If our initial review is positive, we actually register a user name and build a test website using their own site building tools. The results have been very enlightening. Some are so easy you can actually have a web site up and running in 5 minutes. (They claim one minute, but that's a little too optimistic for a beginner.) However, some are so painfully difficult that we can't believe anyone would actually use them.

Naturally you want us to cut the talk and get down to who's the best, right? Well, we do have our favorites, but they are changing constantly. And although the big guys are obviously good, they don't always come out on top as you will see. Some smaller sites even have bigger advantages, such as shorter domain names with your name first, instead of at the end of some huge URL.

First of all we give you our "TOP 10". They're our overall favorites based on our own experiences and personal biases. They are the best simply because we like them. (I am adamant about my favorite.) These are sites we wouldn't hesitate to recommend to our mother, boss, or our local internet hacker-dude. They provide the tools to make everyone happy from beginner to pro.

Next we give you the rest of the list starting with the "Top 100." If they are in this list, they are worthy of your business. Finally we include those that we've checked but haven't reviewed or ranked yet.

To narrow things down even more we give you our top 10 based on specifics such as BEST FOR BEGINNERS, BEST FOR BUSINESS, BEST FOR PROS, BEST BY WEB SPACE etc.

Painfully, there are a number of sites we have left off because they are just plain not worthy of your attention. Plus there are many hosts we just haven't discovered yet. Help us out and let us know. You are our eyes and ears out in the trenches. If you put in the time to build a site using one of the hosts on our list we want your opinion and we'll share it with the internet. This site is based on real world experience not hype.

Put simply, if a best friend was asking us for advice, this is what we'd tell them. Let us know what you think!
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