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Choosing a Wordpress Theme

If you are considering starting a blog you must choose a blog theme. Compare the pros and cons of different blog layouts, blog colors, and blog theme designs. Many companies offer free blog or creative design blog themes that work well with Wordpress.

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Since Wordpress has become the most popular blogging platform there have been thousands of free wordpress themes created by and for blog users. Wordpress makes it easy to install and start using a theme and a quick Google search can help you find some cool tweaks for the best wordpress themes. The hard part for me is in deciding which wordpress theme is right for my blog.

2 Column or 3 Column Wordpress Themes
The first thing you need to decide is the general layout of your wordpress theme. You can start by searching the many themes available using the wordpress theme viewer. While you can search by 1, 2, 3 or 4 column designs the most popular theme designs consist of either 2 or 3 columns. Most of the popular wordpress themes have the navigation column on the right side of the theme. Choose carefully if you want to have your navigation column or sidebar on the left side of your blog.

Choosing a General Color Scheme
The next step is in choosing a general color scheme for your wordpress theme. This is usually where your personality gets to shine through onto your blog. Remember that the easiest to read blogs have black text on a white background. Many studies have proven this to be the easiest on the eyes. I try not to get too caught up with the graphic or images in the wordpress theme because it is pretty easy to change them out to some other image that you like.

Other Wordpress Theme Options to Consider
There are many other things to consider when choosing the best wordpress theme. You can sort themes in the theme viewer by features like rounded corners or fixed width or fluid width wordpress themes. Some wordpress themes are built specially to handle certain wordpress plugins or widgets. You can even search for wordpress themes that have no images in the design. Take some time to find the wordpress theme that fits you best.

While there are other wordpress themes available from private parties, the themes available at have been through a quality control process and are free of common problems. Another common problem is the wordpress version provided by your web hosting service provider is not the latest version of wordpress software. Some themes will only function properly when installed with the latest version of the wordpress blog software.

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