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Free Web Hosting No Ads

Free hosting is a service that allows your site to be conveyed to viewers without your having to make payment. One of the frequent trade-offs is having ads on your site. This article explains the possibilities of free web hosting with no ads.

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Free hosting is provided by hosting providers and software developers for some benefit. Although advertising on your site is one of the most well-known "costs" of a free plan, there are other types of free services that don't require ads to be placed on your site. Here are some of the main ways that you can get a free website without ads:

• A number of providers will offer hosting for free when you register a domain with them. Alternatively, when you pay for the hosting, you may be offered a free domain name registration. In both of these cases you are unlikely to have to deal with advertisements, and since you need both the domain name registration and the hosting service, it's worth considering both approaches—the one where you get the hosting at no cost and pay for the domain registration as well as the one in which the domain registration is called free and you pay for the hosting.

• Another situation is which no cost hosting with no ads is offered is when the free hosting package is used to encourage you to build a web site and become comfortable with the provider, in the hope that at some point you will require an upgrade from your free plan, and it will be easy for you to move into a paid service with them. In this case there may be other limitations. This could include limited disk space, for example.

• Free web space is often offered by an Internet Service Provider to its customers, however this may have limitations on the type of site than can be offered. For example, you may not be able to use that space for a commercial, or ecommerce web site.

• Free web hosting without ads may be offered by a provider that restricts you to using a subdomain of it's URL, such as http://your This is a benefit for the hosting provider because everytime someone comes to your site, the hosting provider's name is seen in the URL. While there are no ads on your web site, you are still providing a type of advertising for the provider in this type of arrangement.

• There are other services that also come with this type of hosting, such as Apple's Mobile Me account, which offers a particular website variant . Mobile Me provides an email service, a calendar, online storage space, and a web gallery in which you can display photographs, allow others to add photographs, etc.

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